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Quality renovation for landed homes


Investing in property is a great way to raise extra revenue, but it is part of your duty as a landlord to keep it up to date, and a great way to promote occupancy and increase value. We have a team of like-minded tradesmen and construction experts with a passion to turn both landed residential homes and commercial buildings into outstanding living and working spaces.

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Transforming landed homes

With the same excitement we approach each and every task, and devote all we do to your needs. If the living area needs a bit of refreshing refurbishment or you want a complete redesign of the interior design of your landed home, our team will provide you with a result that goes way beyond your expectations. We are renovating interiors that are both highly functional and striking in beauty, so that you have inspiring and practical spaces. 

Affordable renovation makeovers

We place your needs first when approaching something down to the finest information from your key objectives. Everything our work is subject to the strictest inspection, so that you can have peace of mind ensuring that each project is done to the highest standards possible. Whenever you need a landed house restoration contractor, look no further than we’re the experts.


From the initial requirement process through to the construction phase, a personal professional consultant is appointed to supervise and tailor all approaches to your exact needs.


We are familiar with the various landed regulations and URA guidelines and know how to comply with the relevant authorities for approval and compliance.

Track record

With more than 20 years of experience in construction and renovation, it’s clear why we’re chosen. Our track records shows we are reliable and competent.

Competent team

We have an experienced network of professionals and tradesmen who combine expertise and resources to ensure contracts are delivered on time successfully.

Competitive pricing

Our competitive pricing policy allows us to construct a package to meet any and every budget without any compromise to design or quality.


We’ll bring you in the hard yards, keeping you updated with updates, budgets, plans and circumstances that impact the progress of your landed project.

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Exploring spatial possibilities

Creating a landed interior design is never an easy job for a large house. To build a room that is comfortable and aesthetically appealing to the owner, it needs one to think out of the box. With sector knowledge, and business experience, we will help you visualise your dream home.

In Singapore, space isn’t a limitation when it comes to landed interior design. And the variety is infinite. The Owner’s lifestyle is the primary subject for landed interior design. Knowing the interests, dislikes, behaviours and expectations of the owners will help us design a room that corresponds to their lifestyle and fits their needs.

Different spaces have specific needs and functions to consider before commencing the design process. So we’re trying to envisage a marriage of style and substance when it comes to landed interior design projects.

staircase transition
landed kitchen design
home office design

Scope and cost of renovation

Like HDB or condominiums, Singapore’s landed houses may have a limited land size of 1500 sqft up to a sizeable area of 30,000 sqft. Depending on whether it is a single story or up to four stories with a roof terrace, they could consist of built-up areas of just 1000 sqft up to 10,000 sqft.

Conservatively the average landed homeowner spends a total of a quarter million on renovating his landed property. And when the built-up area is much larger it will extend to millions. This certainly depends on the complexity of the works involved. Renovating a 4000 sqft house from the ground up will typically cost from $1 million to $2 million upwards.

If you’re planning a small update to the interior or exterior façade, or a major renovation to your new home or existing building, send us a call or email us for a personalised quote to match your needs. We deliver affordable, skilled and reliable services to match your needs for renovation.

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