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Bathrooms are an integral part of every home and a bathroom renovation from us can make your home more comfortable and add value. We are proud of our thorough craftsmanship, representing fresh design approaches particularly suited to individual customers. This is why we are helping our customers learn about the project when they get involved. Every project starts with creativity, directed to sketches and then hand-crafted into unique living environments.

Obligation Free Consultation

To discuss the specifics of your bathroom renovation and general home improvement, we schedule one of our consultants to meet you at your home. Our experts are both professional and experienced in all fields of home building and they can answer any questions and make suggestions. We will propose a practical plan that, while meeting your budget, will provide everything you want from your bathroom renovation.

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Bathroom renovation services

We will bring your dream bathroom to life, if you want to build a solitary paradise, a refuge for a couple or a productive space for a busy family.

Bathroom upgrades along with the kitchen offer the most value for money when it comes to sale. There is nothing buyers love more than a shiny new space in the bathroom. Since the bathroom is usually a small space, it’s important to make the most of clever design. That is one of the key advantages of using our service. We’ll help you create a bathroom that blends the ultimate in functionality with design.

As with the kitchen, for too long no-one wants to stay without a toilet. That’s another advantage of partnering with us as we’re going to organise all the tradespeople for you and make sure that the project runs on time efficiently.

Affordable toilet makeovers

We specialise in complete bathroom renovations. Our promise is to maintain a personal service of the highest quality.We will help you achieve your dreams, whether you’re looking for traditional models or modern, new bathroom designs. We will work with you directly to create a room that best suits your lifestyle. Our installers are fully certified and make sure they only use items of the highest standard available.

Our bathroom renovators know our customers enjoy quality workmanship, so we make sure to partner with only the city’s best bathroom contractors.

Bathroom refurbishments are also a smart way to increase your home’s worth ahead of sale. With a little lit of support from our experienced renovators and installers, we could benefit thousands more on auction day. A new bathroom could be an enticing and cost-effective way to generate interest in your property and improve your chances of selling successfully.

Customised to your needs

As leading bathroom renovation experts in Singapore, we understand that the cycle starts and ends with you, which is why we are designing innovative luxury designs that promise to give a unique signature to your bathroom. For over a decade, our team has delivered outstanding, custom bathroom renovations around Singapore. We have the most experienced and skilled bathroom renovators, specialising in delivering competent and trouble-free luxury bathroom renovations built around your preferences for style and design.

The team has all the renovation and remodeling solutions that will give you the designer bathroom you’re looking for, with a special emphasis on comfort, elegance and the overall look and feel of the home.

Full-service renovators

Our team has years of experience refurbishing the bathrooms from beginning to end. Our design and development process means we will be taking care of every part of the redesign of your bathroom. In addition to designing and upgrading your current bathroom, once our work is complete, we will remove old bathroom materials and accessories to keep your property clean.

Minimal downtime

Losing access to a bathroom can be extremely inconvenient in the renovation process, particularly if it is shared between multiple occupants. We are endeavouring to complete construction work as early as possible. Once our plan is completed our team will begin working on the project to ensure a timely renovation process. We are investing heavily in getting your new bathroom up and running without any lengthy downtime.

Quality accessories

We have direct access to high quality appliances for bathrooms. We help our customers make the best baths, showerheads, toilets, bidets, and basins. We recognise that accessories are always highly personal choices. However if you need help we’re happy to help you pick the accessories that match your bathroom and personal tastes best. Our vast experience in the bathroom renovation industry means we have unrivalled information about the accessories to the bathroom that are currently fashionable on the market.

Competent team

We have an extensive network of merchants who combine skills and capital to ensure that contracts are efficiently fulfilled on time. We coordinate all the necessary trades and take care of them and let you know when they will be on site. When we plan and organise the whole renovation, we see ourselves as a one-stop shop for our vendors so that our vendors do not have to.

Competitive prices

We’re only enjoying helping our clients enjoy state-of-the-art, professionally fitted bathrooms with minimal fuss. We take care of the technicalities, prioritise your needs and desires and concentrate on affordable packages for any budget. Our team is on hand to provide assistance and encouragement from the offset, from the small bathroom upgrades to the largest spaces.


Our bathroom renovations are carefully handled with all relevant details shared with all parties concerned. It is to ensure that the work on site is efficient and that all works are carried out efficiently and in a timely manner. The outcome is a stunning renovation of the bathroom that our clients will enjoy using, and will still be proud of for many years to come.

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Modern Bathroom Renovation

Modern bathroom features include flat-panel doors, full-overlay cabinet construction, clear accent pieces and an emphasis on horizontal lines. If this is the look you’re looking for, chat with us today and let’s explore choices and ideas for bathroom renovation.

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Contemporary Bathroom Renovation

Elements of a contemporary bathroom include state-of – the-art fixtures, old newly used materials and a combination of materials. If this is the look you’re looking for, chat with us today and let’s explore choices and ideas for bathroom renovation.

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Small Bathroom Renovation

We have some tricks up their sleeves to make it look amazing even for the tiniest bathroom but still practical. If you have a small bathroom that you want to renovate, talk to us today and start exploring options and ideas.

Specialists in all bathrooms and toilets

Our bathroom renovation and project management team excel at providing high-quality services, no matter the nuances of the project. Whether you want a timeless classic design or a modern contemporary vibe, our professional team will bring out excellence in each custom bathroom renovation. No matter what your taste is, we aim to design a modern bathroom around your needs.

Upgrade your home

Our team of bathroom specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in delivering high-quality bathroom remodelling with excellence in mind. We help our clients with the whole process, from bathroom design ideas to completion, our expert bathroom renovations are committed to providing amazing results and ensure that their work complies with all industry standards.

We believe in going the extra mile and ensuring that every piece is installed to perfection. Our exceptional work ethic and quality thereof is why our bathroom renovation projects turn out to be the best bathrooms, as they will prove to be functional, reliable and visually stunning.

Transform your bathroom

New concepts and designs have changed bathrooms to intimate spaces that reflect both style and functionality. From unique vanity designs to showerheads, tapware and tiles, our team help you create a signature bathroom design that is attractive and functional. The craftsman we have are all prepped and will work with you on bathroom design ideas to create the ultimate dream bathroom you desire. Whether your taste is classic timeless white design or a stylish contemporary one, our bathroom builders will reflect on your bathroom design ideas and seamlessly blend your unique choices in with your interiors.

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Bespoke Bathroom Renovation

If you need a makeover for your bathroom we will help. Turn your boring and drab bathroom into an elegant and luxurious one. From tapware to luxury bath tubs, we will give you that and much more, no matter what custom-made pieces you need.

Renovations of the bathroom and remodelling jobs may be frustrating, if not adequately designed and controlled. It is also important to prepare ahead to ensure smooth execution, to prevent any stressful moments. Our specialist team is committed to partnering with our customers to produce impressive outcomes from idea to completion.

Instead of the ordinary we aim for perfection. Whether you’re looking for a sleek, glamorous and minimalist remodelling of your bathroom, or something more lavish and showy, we’ll help you create the bathroom you like. Call us today and we’ll arrange a meeting with you and we’ll discuss in depth what you want to change in your bathroom and give you a free comprehensive quote based on that.

Full Bathroom Remodelling

For years, our bathroom renovation company has been supporting our clients and in that period, we have been developing our skills and learning how to improve a project’s results. You will be happy to learn that our in-house design experts are on hand to provide their expertise for projects of all sizes for those of you in need of full bathroom renovation.

Complete Bathroom Renovations

We specialise in completely renovated bathrooms. From concept to final fit, we coordinate and supervise every part of the new bathroom renovation process.

We renovate the bathroom to suit your individual needs and furnishing trends, whether modern, retro, family or traditional. We will create your very own bathroom for designers. We will give you the suggestions or we will work with you. We care for renovations of all sizes. The same personal service and attention to detail is given to small bathrooms and multi-bathroom renovations.

Minor Renovations

One of our specialties involves minor renovations; particularly those involving the modification and implementation of new features. Including bath tubs and tiles to walls, cabinets, sinks, waterproofing and much more, our team specialises in conceptualising designs and design, as well as designing features to fit our clientele’s needs and wishes.

Multi-Bathroom Renovations

Many modern homes feature several bathrooms and our experts are frequently called upon to simultaneously redesign the look and feel of those spaces. We will help develop matching schemes and identify special, convincing aesthetics to fit your tastes and style for the individual bathrooms. We may be able to provide a lower quote for higher quantities of work, depending on the project size and specifications.

If you prefer a classic look, a modern feel, a family-oriented style, or even a more conventional approach; we have the experience, skills and resources to take care of your needs. We focus implicitly on our skillset and this helps us to concentrate solely on achieving outcomes that speak for themselves in world-class bathrooms.

We are both competent and knowledgeable as polite as we are eager to support. This combination of skills and experience has led us to be known as one of Singapore’s leading bathroom renovation services; and we will just enjoy helping you with your needs today.

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Our renovation process

When we hear from you and learn more about your idea, we will be able to provide advice and suggestions on how to proceed best. We’ll be able to recommend the most appropriate course of action for building your new bathroom, based on your needs and expectations.

It could be as easy as helping you prepare your renovation, or as proactive as making sure we’re the right builders for you. We will also assist you in obtaining planning permission if necessary, and then help you select the best materials, fittings and fixtures to get your project started. If your current bathroom is extremely outdated, there is a strong risk that you will not unlock its full potential. We help the access to additional rooms, lighting, and other critical elements for our company.

We can transform your bathroom into something much more practical and aesthetically pleasing. Your bathroom is one of the most important areas inside your house. That’s why having a design team is important that can help you achieve the desired results.

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