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Apartment and condo makeover


With over 15 years in the industry, we take pride in offering versatile, innovative and affordable solutions to a huge variety of clients. With a broad range of skills and expertise, our team knows interior design and renovations back to front and can transform your condo into something special. From small jobs to makeovers to complete carpentry, we offer an incomparable service that places an emphasis on your individual needs so that the final result goes above and beyond what you had imagined.

Obligation Free Consultation

We arrange one of our consultants to visit you in your home to discuss the details of your condominium home improvement. Our consultants are all experienced and knowledgeable about various type of typologies including studio apartments, apartments and penthouses. They will be able to answer your questions and make suggestions to create a practical plan that will offer everything you want from renovating your bathroom while meeting your budget.

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Condo renovation projects

When planning a new condo interior design project in Singapore, achieving the right balance between style and functionality is extremely important. While each and every space is unique, we have a comprehensive understanding of the industry such that we can find the perfect blend of aesthetic and practicality under any circumstances. Take a look through our online portfolio to see a small selection of previous works for both residential and commercial clients.

Space solutions for condos

Whether you need to make more efficient use of space or just want an overhaul of a bland old interior, we can offer a new condo renovation that meets all of your objectives and improves your overall quality of living. We hold our work to the highest standards, and will not be satisfied until you are; once we are finished, your old condominium will be completely transformed into a brand new space fit for the modern age.

It is a fact that many condominium units are getting smaller in size. Therefore it is important to have effective space planning not only on the horizontal surface but also the usage of vertical space. Most seasoned condo renovation contractors have their “go-to” solutions for increasing storage space such as platforms and benches with storage. However, the challenge may come in a different form; for example, creating a study table in one of the common rooms or additional wardrobe space in the master bedroom.


From the initial requirement process through to the construction phase, a personal professional consultant is appointed to supervise and tailor all approaches to your exact needs.


We are familiar with the various apartment regulations and know how to comply with the management during the renovation works to ensure no regulatory or future issues.

Track record

With more than 20 years of experience in construction and renovation, it’s clear why we’re chosen. Our track records shows we are reliable and competent.

Competent team

We have an experienced network of professionals and tradesmen who combine expertise and resources to ensure contracts are delivered on time successfully.

Competitive pricing

Our competitive pricing policy allows us to construct a package to meet any and every budget without any compromise to design or quality.


We’ll bring you in the hard yards, keeping you updated with updates, budgets, plans and circumstances that impact the progress of your condo project.

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Understanding condo regulations

We offer creative ideas combined with a diversified knowledge in hardware usage and fabrication methods. Having an inexperienced condo renovation contractor may result in getting creative ideas that cannot be built, and dealing with an experienced veteran may have much restrictions due to the concerns of fabrication. This is the dilemma most home owners may face and it is not easy to find the perfect combination in an interior designer or contractor.

There are also some condominium developments that come with very high ceiling and prior approval to erect a loft had been granted prior to construction. However there are still certain guidelines and regulations from relevant authorities that needs to be observed. The most basic is the restriction on the total loft area built-up must not exceed 5 metres square. It is also important to find a suitable access point to the loft area so that it will not disrupt the functionality of other areas in the apartment.

Practical knowledge and experience

There are also some other important factors for condo renovation in Singapore that home owners should know, especially for resale condominiums, which may affect the overall costings. For example, if there are any alterations to the existing non-load bearing structures, an endorsement by a qualified person (QP) is required. For renovation works in the kitchen, any gas piping works will require a private gas service worker as City Gas do not handle concealed piping. Such knowledge will reduce the possibilities of shocking inflations in the overall costing as the renovation progresses.

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How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Home and Business

You’d like to get rid of ants in your home and company because in addition to potentially posing a threat, ants can inflict some hazards on you, your family and employees. Ants contaminate food, have crawled and probably pick up soil and infectious species all over. They can cause ant bites to cause allergies, swelling and discomfort.

  • Professional ant control steps on how to get rid of ants include correct identification of ant species
  • Not treating with DIY method such as spraying repellent insecticide before ant species are identified.
  • Making sure tree branches do not touch outside walls and roofs

When the ants species are established, successful approaches are advised to deal with them efficiently. Treatment and remedies, irrespective of the severity of the infestation, are tailored for both domestic and industrial needs. The most successful way to get rid of ant infestation from your company is through the skilled ant control service. Our expert will pursue the best approach to ensure your long-term safety, in addition to treatment with pesticides.

Our Professional Ant Removal Service

We will provide your company with skilled ant removal services if you need a survey at a construction site, a plantation or a manufacturing site such as a warehouse.

We can provide:

  • On-site inspections and identification
  • Recommend future ant pest control techniques
  • The latest equipment and chemicals to eradicate ant problem in your company
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