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Making kitchens beautiful and functional


Renovations to the kitchen can be one of the most exciting and substantial improvements you make to your house. For years a well-designed kitchen will provide you with pleasure and a productive workspace.

For you, we are overseeing the whole renovation. We arrange all the requisite trades for your job and the only people you need to interact with are us! The team is made up of highly experienced kitchen renovation and design experts as well as well-trained workers who can direct you through the process and help you make educated project decisions. Once the renovation starts, all you need to do is watch your kitchen turn into your dream space.

We may arrange structural improvements, including removing a load-bearing wall for opening the room, building windows, doors or adding a skylight. We may also create a breakfast bar or an area for new meals. Arrange a free consultation agreement to make sure your proposed kitchen upgrades are practical, complement your current decor and prevent potentially costly errors.

Obligation Free Consultation

Our trained representative can visit you at your home and discuss any renovation, restoration or extension plans or ideas. They will discuss use, materials, feel and budget to work out a basis for a preliminary kitchen design that incorporates all your preferences.

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Kitchen specialists

Renovating a cramped or obsolete kitchen will make a difference to the daily life. A new kitchen not only makes meal planning simpler, but also makes entertainment more enjoyable. And this is not to mention the value of capital it brings to your house.

With a dedicated team, we organise and plan your renovation to create stress-free kitchen designs and renovations, with a result that will please you. We provide high quality, personalised kitchens to our customers that reflect their needs and meet their expectations. We partner with the industry’s top manufacturers to ensure all of our customers receive goods of the highest quality.

And as the kitchen is such an integral part of home, keeping it productive is essential. This is one of the biggest benefits of working with us. Through organising all the tradespeople on your behalf, we will ensure that everything runs according to your negotiated timetable. We have the expertise to make sure that your kitchen makeup looks amazing and is delivered on time and on budget.

Quality workmanship
Detailed professional design and itemised costing
Personal, friendly and professional service
Assessment and measurement of the space
Discuss kitchen design options with respect to layout, lighting, flooring, appliances, cabinets, fittings and finishes
Dismantle any existing cabinets, plumbing, appliances, benchtops, splashbacks, light fittings, finishes and floor coverings
Design, construction and installation of cabinets
Construction and installation of benchtops
Installation of splashbacks in glass, stone, treated wood or stainless-steel to complement the benchtops and overall décor
Installation of kitchen appliances and floor coverings
Sealing surfaces and painting

Quality Kitchen Renovation

If you need kitchen renovation services, during your convenient period, you may contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you might have. We plan to have a conversation over the phone with our customers so that we can better understand what outcomes you have in mind and how our programs will best benefit you.

Our kitchen refurbishment programs are customised to your needs. Our kitchen development team is qualified to ask the right questions to ensure that your new kitchen or other renovation projects deliver on your desired outcome.

Our service is supported by outstanding tradespeople who provide quality work to ensure that your new kitchen, bathroom or laundry upgrade is time-tested, giving you years of family enjoyment.


We coordinate all the necessary trades and take care of them and let you know when they will be on site. When we plan and organise the whole renovation, we see ourselves as a one- for our vendors so that our clients do not have to.

Quality appliances

The customers can select appliances which can be included in wholesale prices from the leading brand manufacturers. Through this way, we will guarantee that the appliances will meet your needs, ensuring that they are shipped on schedule and integrated smoothly into your new kitchen.

Keeping within budget

We’re obviously not pushing you to fork over more than you would originally like to. Tell us how much you want to spend on renovating your kitchen and we will find the ideal solution for that. Of course, our in-house design team will do their best to incorporate all your ideas in the final plan.

Top suppliers

Only quality products can achieve beauty, which is why we make sure every single piece of material we use comes from reputable suppliers. We’re not and never going to exchange price for extra money.


The moment you mention your plan to renovate your kitchen you’ll know this about us. We will listen to every detail of your proposal carefully, and that is because we want our advice to be an integral part of your decision.


We treat and kitchen as our own, so don’t be surprised if we go beyond the extra mile to make your kitchen the most beautiful room in your home, beyond our contract.

modern kitchen

Modern Kitchen Renovation

Modern kitchen elements include flat-panel doors, frameless, full-overlay cabinet construction, continuity of accent pieces, emphasis on horizontal lines and built in such a way that the natural beauty of the materials is accentuated. If this is the look you’re looking for, speak to us today and explore options and ideas to refurbish your kitchen.

white kitchen cabinets

Contemporary Kitchen Renovation

Contemporary kitchen features include cutting-edge equipment, old materials used in a modern way, secret technology such as pop-up outlets and a combination of fabrics, shapes and size. If this is the look you’re looking for, speak to us today and explore options and ideas to refurbish your kitchen.

studio kitchen

Small Kitchen Renovations

Just because your kitchen is small, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t look fantastic. We’ve got some tricks up their sleeves to make not only the tiniest kitchen look fantastic but also practical. If you have a small kitchen you want to renovate, talk to us today and let’s talk about the options and ideas to start.

Custom Kitchen Solutions

Kitchen refurbishments can be both thrilling and overwhelming. If the team hired is not trained or professional enough to do a decent job to do your kitchen design or kitchen remodelling, you could end up paying thousands more than you need to correct the mistakes and get things right.

At Sky, our experts in renovation and design pursue perfection and are enthusiastic about making your project as comfortable and trouble-free as possible. With years of experience under our belt, we not only give more than the average beginner, but also have a fresh perspective in our designs and concepts in Singapore’s kitchen renovations.

Transform your kitchen

Renovations to the kitchen are one of our favourites. In reality, with so many kitchens being properly restored and so many productive completions of the project, you can be confident that we can take your project to the next level and will not be disappointed. Our team of experts in designing your kitchen will redesign and provide you with an experience you can never forget. We have:

State of the Art Cooking Appliances

Self-cleaning ovens with low maintenance, state-of – the-art dishwashers, little touches of thoughtful design, initial creative thinking and attention to detail can all be incorporated by quality kitchen renovations.
Kitchen upgrades and kitchen construction are completely realised, where we take the time in each of our unique kitchens to really work with each and every customer.

The Best Renovations Add Value

You can easily add value to your home by renovating your current cuisine. It is well known that kitchen renovations are by far the most profitable in terms of return on investment when it comes to reselling or renting out an investment property. We think the best investment you can make in your home is a kitchen renovation. We build beautiful new kitchens for our customers but can easily whip up a kitchen that will also improve your home’s value for those on a tight budget.

Modern and Contemporary Kitchens

Every home has a modern kitchen as its main hub. A space where purpose meets form to create a sanctuary where modern families can come together to prepare, eat and share. Sleek finishes and clean lines are preferred while common appliances in stainless steel are combined with undermount sinks, solid surface benchtops and glass splashbacks to create simple but stunning spaces.

studio white kitchen
scandinavian kitchen
kitchen area

Kitchens that suit your needs

We always consider our client’s lifestyle when designing their kitchen, we always make sure that it would suit their needs and desired outcomes. We also complete the renovation process with a minimum amount of fuss using quality materials as well as honest and reliable trades people.

Our business run a low overhead model which allows us to pass on these savings to our clients. It really is all about the best results for our clients and ensuring a pleasant experience throughout the kitchen or bathroom renovation process.

Stylish kitchen at an affordable price

We are experts in building budget kitchens and we project manage every aspect of your renovation including designing, planning, and building. The only thing left for you to do… is enjoy.

It’s all about you, and your new kitchen

We advise on the best materials for your doors and benchtops, the best space saving storage solutions for your internals and the best layout of your kitchen cabinets. We take our time to listen to you to discover what your requirements are. This will include conversations about how you to like to cook, how you like to entertain, what your budget is and what your likes and dislikes might be.

This will result in the best kitchen design and renovation to suit your particular situation. We believe this process is an absolute must as we don’t think anyone should make an investment on their kitchen renovation and not be totally satisfied with the end result.

Modern Kitchen Appliances & Accessories

Appliances are a big part on any new kitchen, and our kitchen designers have been trained to advise on the most suitable ovens, cooktops, kitchen cabinets, range hoods, dishwashers, fridges, kitchen sinks and taps to suit your new cooking space.

Kitchen appliances can be then supplied at better than retail prices with your new kitchen, or if you prefer, you can supply all appliances for the renovation.


The employees show the highest level of integrity in all their interactions with the clients. You will have access to our supervisors from the very beginning to the very end of your project to assist with any enquiries you might have. They will respond with due diligence to your query and also provide additional details that can help you make the right choices for your projects.


Our reliability is key to smooth running of our projects. Nothing less than 100 per cent reliability is provided to all of our customers, regardless of project size. We review our processes periodically to ensure that they are free of hitches or inefficiencies that can impact the performance of our future projects. Each person in our organization is told about any changes to the program.

Top service

We pride ourselves on the consistency, meticulous and high level of service we offer to our customers. Along with this operation, we are aligning ourselves with leading manufacturers in our industry to offer the highest quality goods to our customers. In turn, we owe the unparalleled nature of our work to our commitment to use only superior materials in all the projects we manage, regardless of size or complexity.


With years of experience in the construction industry, we are able to provide our clients with the expertise that we have gained over the years to help their overall project. Having managed nearly all sorts of kitchen renovation projects, when it comes to designing and constructing kitchens there is practically nothing we can not do. Despite this, we strive to improve our technical skills by involving them in daily training.

minimalist kitchen
kitchen island
kitchen island area

Our Kitchen Renovation Process

Initial Contact

The initial phone call offers you the opportunity to determine if we’ll be a good match for your new kitchen renovation requirements. We are professional kitchen designers here who know how to build the best solution for your unique situation. We want to be told what your situation is, what you think your new kitchen is like and whether you have any specific questions about your new kitchen.

We will also take the time to tell you about ourselves and how we are here to make the process as smooth and productive as possible to build a new kitchen. When we have this information we will also provide you with an idea of what the estimated maintenance costs would be.

Design Appointment

We then schedule a personalised design appointment in your home at a time that is convenient for all parties. This design appointment will take from 2 to 3 hours because our professional designers want to be meticulous with this initial phase of designing the kitchen.

We will address construction projects, plans, fixtures, appliances, fabrics, finishes, flooring and any other things that may be relevant to your kitchen and other internal renovations in this design session.

Scheduling In

The renovation is then arranged with all dates and trade names being sent to the customer so that they know exactly who arrives on which day. Our trades are also told to contact our customers before they visit their house. Our renovations are very tightly planned as we complete renovations in record time with minimum inconvenience to our customers. We are working to ensure that the renovation process is as smooth and painless as possible.


Our staff is always on time, and very courteous and professional as well. Nonetheless, our renovations always go through without a hitch if there are any problems that are dealt with instantly and with a minimal amount of fuss.

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