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With over 15 years of experience we have established a reputation as one of the highest quality builders in Singapore. In Sky Renovation you are promised a fully professional organisation, ensuring peace of mind in developing your potential investment.


The Sky Renovation team comprises committed constructors, merchants, and experts who have solutions for the construction and design. We strive to build beautiful remodels for our customers that combine feature, aesthetics and viability with great care.

About Sky Renovation

Choosing us to design and build your extension, means that you have chosen one of the most recognised and highly acclaimed builders in the industry. Since our launch in 2002, Sky has quickly developed into the leader in home renovations. Our processes and systems make it easy for homeowners to have an affordable and low-stress renovation experience.

We grew out of a desire to provide homeowners with a practical solution to their renovation woes. Before Sky existed, the typical renovation experience included disorganised schedules, blown budgets and homeowners all but pulling their hair out from the stress of trying to manage it all on their own.

Today, we have managed home renovations for over 1,000 homeowners, using our bespoke design and build process. We take care of every stage of your renovation for you; including design, costings, council consents, scheduling, construction and decorating. With us, completing renovations on time and on budget isn’t the exception, it’s the expectation.

Contact us today and talk to an experienced home builder about your remodelling, extension or heritage renovation project.

What Drives Us

“We’re motivated by the potential to make a huge difference to the industry and improve the experience of people with such a big investment.”

Our Progress

We have a good reputation in the renovation market. Not only do we earn positive feedback from our clients, but even our systems and processes have been honoured with some outstanding awards and honours.

The team behind Sky are working to ensure professional management of all aspects of home renovations. From every angle, we looked at the home improvement market, and this has allowed us to meet the needs of homeowners, improvement specialists and tradespeople.

Our Team

Our renovation consultants are highly experienced in providing customers with a professional and expertly-managed renovation, while our teams of highly-skilled industry professionals focus on completing their areas of expertise to a high standard. It’s a system which allows our staff to love their work, and our customers to love their homes.

Project Supervisors

Our Project Supervisors have extensive experience and technical knowledge to advise the professional team and conduct quality management over the service rendered on-site. To ensure that customer quality is provided, the supervisory team is charged with monitoring and auditing efficiency levels and customer consistencies, and continuously implementing changes within the role of service and operations.

Tradesmen and Technicians

Our team of tradespeople is expected to attend regular and rigorous training programs to improve their competencies, skill sets and capacities including the latest technological approaches, regulations and procedures.


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Master  Carpenter


Ah Yong



Mr Lam

Master Tiler





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Technical Expertise

We are as good as our people as are all service companies. The team is constantly equipped with various upgrading and training to keep up with latest regulations and skills. For the technical staff, a set of training and development activities are necessary to achieve consistent service levels and meet the needs of clients.


Transparent pricing

We upfront with the consumer about the constituent prices involved in our quotations, and ensure they are reasonable and in accordance with market rates. We do not practice over-charging or discriminatory pricing according to property type.


Friendly Service

Our team is composed of a moist, enthusiastic community of technicians and supervisors. We’re passionate about cleaning and we’re very cautious and prideful. This translates into quality service and value to our customers which enriches the end-to-end experience when customers engage our services.


Health & Safety

We add importance to health and safety. We promote full compliance with the health and safety policies and standards between our workers and our customers. We practice zero non-compliance tolerance, which are part of our service culture which process to allow employees to do things correctly and responsibly.

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