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Quality renovation for HDB flats


For more than 15 years innovation, practicality and reliability have been at the core of our services. We work on a wide variety of residential and commercial projects, including anything from small upgrades to large-scale transformations, by balancing form and function with exceptional ability. With a broad range of dynamic solutions available ,we are the contractor of choice in Singapore with extensive experience in HDB (Housing and Development Board) and BTO (Build to Order) flat renovation.

Obligation Free Consultation

We arrange one of our consultants to visit you in your home to discuss the details of your HDB home improvement. Our consultants are all experienced and knowledgeable about all fields of HDB works including new and resale HDBs, point block units and maisonettes. They will be able to answer your questions and make suggestions to create a practical plan that will offer everything you want from renovating your bathroom while meeting your budget.

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Transform your HDB with us

Our team shares a passion for architecture and helped turn the new sector into what it is today. As a fully licensed HDB renovation contractor and interior designer, we’ll help you gain a new outlook on how you use your living space and will go beyond your standards.

Quality HDB renovation services

We recognise that every work is special and that is why we approach your home with a fresh mind and strive for a specific and personal outcome. Our HDB renovation services contractors can meet all your specifications irrespective of your budget or practical needs and transform your unremarkable flat into a safe and inviting family home. Whatever your circumstances may be, we’re going to put your needs first to ensure that our HDB interior design services are the best.

Special care is needed on your HDB flat. It is vital to work with a HDB-licensed renovation contractor with a solid reputation for your renovation works when you’re ready to renovate it. When selecting a licensed HDB contractor, you can be sure the job will be performed correctly and well.


A personal technical consultant is assigned from the initial requirement process through to the construction phase, to supervise and customise all solutions to your exact needs.


We are familiar with the various HDB regulations and know how to comply with them during the renovation works so that no legal or future problems are guaranteed.

Track record

With more than 20 years of building and renovation experience, it’s clear why we’re chosen. Our track records prove we are professional and reliable.

Competent team

We have an extensive network of professionals and tradesmen who combine skills and resources to ensure that contracts are efficiently completed on time.

Competitive pricing

Our dynamic pricing strategy helps us to create a package that fits any and all requirements without any compromise in design or quality.


We’ll bring you in the hard yards, keeping you updated with updates, budgets, plans and circumstances that impact the progress of your HDB project.

BTO Renovation

The battle comes as you’re waiting for your BTO keys, worrying about the next step and how you’re going to be able to renovate your new home. However, we prefer to look for a reputable renovation contractor in Singapore to ensure the project runs well and the renovation will be completed on time before looking into the end results.

HDB Renovation Contractors will need to stick to HDB regulations and also ensure that the suggestions of customer concepts are put into effect. To that end, we will ensure our Singapore HDB renovation contractor is reliable and competent in this field. You don’t have to worry about the renovation process, because we will carefully overlook the whole project.

Starting from scratch is always easy, and HDB BTO is the best platform on which the renovation contractor can work, as they start building from zero. Both clients need to send their concerns and suggestions to the renovation contractors-and we will do our best to work on the renovation.

Our professional HDB BTO renovation contractors aim to provide your new house with the best renovation service and we will work together to ensure that all is in order. Our renovation contractors HDB BTO can be trusted with your renovation works.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you need more information regarding the renovation works and our contracts.

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Resale HDB Renovation

Not much hacking or renovation is expected for a new flat that comes bare, from HDB, unless you’re tearing down walls. Renovation as for a resale flat typically means removing current floor and wall tiles, kitchen cabinets etc.

It is therefore very reasonable that construction costs for resale flats will be more costly than those for new HDB-direct flats. Renovation costs for resale apartments are also typically 30-40 per cent higher than new apartments.

Resale renovations usually include hacking works as contrasted with BTO or new HDB renovations. Hacking refers to removing any existing built-in furniture, floorings, wall finishes such as wall and furnish tiles, as well as actual walls or other structures.

The more you mess with the home’s original state, the more effort it entails and the more it will cost you because both demolition and disposal are a lot of work. That’s why resale apartment renovations will cost a lot more than a new flat. In some cases, hacking really isn’t necessary. For example, if you want to upgrade the flooring, you can simply lay several new vinyl, laminate, and engineered wood floors over the existing tiles.

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HDB renovation regulations

As we all know HDB has a lot of public housing rules and regulations. Below are some rules you should keep in mind when preparing your renovation.

Apply for hacking approval

Any load-bearing walls, columns, beams, and slabs may be removed, transferred, or changed. While not load-bearing, other walls cover critical wiring and pipes, and can not be manipulated. Be sure to send all plans to HDB for approval to play it safe before any hacking begins.

BTO bathroom floor & walls

The renovation work on the floors and walls of your new BTO bathroom has a 3 year restriction period. This is because they are covered with a membrane that is waterproof to keep water from flowing into the device below. You have to bear the cost of repairing the damage to your neighbour’s home if you want to ignore the limitation and there is slippage. You can however, overlay over the existing flooring.

Concealing of exposed pipes

You feel the temptation in your bathroom or kitchen to cover up the exposed pipes. Pipes can not be easily concealed, as much of an eyesore as they are. HDB must be able to enter the pipes to investigate in the event of clogs.

Front door needs to be fire-rated

If you want your front door to be replaced you need to make sure the new door is fire-rated. Many front doors of the HDB are built to contain smoke and fire inside the unit so that they do not spread to staircases or lobbies.

Restrictions on replacing windows

The safety railings or grilles designed by HDB are completely impossible to remove or tamper with. The windows may be removed, but full height and bay windows are not always permitted. You can not install windows which open outwards for windows facing the common corridor. And the door is there for balconies with a sliding door because windows are not allowed so don’t even think about opening it.

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